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Server/Web Server License
List & Label

Extend your Standard or Professional Edition with additional end user licenses for server/web server applications. Please note: In order to purchase a Server/Web Server License you need to possess a List & Label license. For the Enterprise Edition you automatically purchase an unlimited number of servers for an unlimited number of end users with your Server/Web Server License.

These products are not available in our online shop. Please contact the combit sales department or give us a call at +49 (0) 7531 90 60 10.

:: Information ::

Gross prices shown are only valid for private individuals living in Germany. Orders from other countries of the EU (besides Germany) are only possible for corporate customers with a valid VAT-ID.
Important: product requirements
One Server-/Webserver-License requires a product license. During your order you will be asked for the Serial Number and Product Key of your current license. Both can be found on the personal license certificate, accompanied with the product license.

The following products are possible options as product licenses:
List & Label 27 Server/Web Server License:   List & Label 27 license
List & Label 26 Server/Web Server License:   List & Label 26 license
List & Label 25 Server/Web Server License:   List & Label 25 license

List & Label is a License
for ONE Developer

Personal, non transferable license for one developer to install on one system. We offer attractive volume discounts for developer teams.
If you're planning to encapsulate List & Label functionality, you will need the corresponding number of licenses. Additionally, an addendum to the combit Standard License Agreement is required. Please contact our Sales & Service Team.
FAQ about Licensing on our website
List & Label is supplied with PDF documentation.
Our prices are quoted with the validity
of our Standard Business Terms and Conditions as well as the combit Standard License Agreement. Currency conversion is achieved via the exchange rates listed here, which are updated daily. Please note that only the quoted Euro values are valid. Other currencies are quoted for your information only: they are calculated online and their accu-
racy cannot be guaranteed.

Daily Exchange Rate
(Standing: 02.12.2021):

Euro 1,00
U.S. Dollar $1.17
Canadian Dollar $1.40
British Pound 0.74
Swiss Franc CHF 1.02
Payment Terms
Download: by credit card; PayPal
Products purchased will be immediately charged to your credit card. This also applies for advance orders that are available for download at a later point in time.
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